Diamond World Tour – Rihanna

I’m a huge Rihanna but I’m not one of the fans that thinks everything she does is perfect so when I bought my two tickets to both her London shows I didn’t thinknibwould be purchasing two extra tickets to her Birmingham shows.

I woke up early got dressed and headed to Twickenham Stadium to meet my friends and line up to get into the concert so that we could be front row. I got there and there were only 2 people in my Early Access queue so I went there spoke to the people asked them to hold my place and then left to join my friends in the regular queue for them there were 10 people in front of them. At 2pm I got registered to go in early and got my free gift a cute little bum bag that I use for work and some dog tags and a keyring


so after we got these we were escorted into the stadium and my friends and I were on the barrier at the end of the runway and we had to endure 15 minutes of the torturous GTA and after that we had an hour and 15 minutes of the fabulous of David Guetta and he was amazing I wouldn’t pay to see him along in concert but he was good for the hour that he was on and then after 1 hour and 30 minutes David Guetta after he had ended his set Rihanna finally graced the stage and she came out with so much energy and she engaged with the audience throughout the show and managed to spot fans that she knew personally through Instagram or Twitter.

Her first show on the (15th June) was great but because she was late she had missed out some songs even though she put in a lot of effort it seemed like it was missing something. I went home after the show knowing that I was coming back tomorrow and I was able to get a train home.


The next day (16th June) I went to line up early again with some friends and we lined up again got into the venue on the same position however today was so much more ratchet she was so much more energetic than the day before and at the end she looked down towards me and my friends and mouthed to us that she loved us and after that the fireworks went off.


The day after I travelled up to my first Birmingham show (17th June) with a different bunch of friends and I loved this how as much as I loved the 16th however the downside to going to that show was that there was no David Guetta and we had to endure the suffering of GTA for 2 hours much to the crowds displeasure but an upside was she started the set with Mother Mary she was 5 minutes late but that was fine because the trains ran later and we didn’t have to be out the venue until 11pm. Oh yea another downside was that the pyrotechnics were so hot in the small Birmingham arena but that didn’t faze anyone.


I also attended her last show of the UK leg in Birmingham o the the 18th July.




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